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    2017-2018 SCHOOL BUS SERVICE
  • “James Jumbo Shuttle Services Limited” provides school bus services to parents who wish to use it. The bus service contract is signed directly between the bus company and each family and the service operates indendently. All students are required to submit new bus applications in June each year and bus services will not beautomatically renewed. For parents and students who wish to take the service, please note the details of the service as follows:
  • AII students who wish to take the school bus shall register on or before 16th June 2017 by completing the registration form attached to this leaflet and then submit the form together with all post-dated cheques paying school bus fees to bus company no later than the said deadline. Any late registraion may lead to unavailability to take the bus service and bus company has no responsibilty to secure the seats for those students with late registration.

    Notifications will be made to the registered students on 16th August 2017, approximately one week before the school will start.
    Students will not be allowed to ride on the school buses if they do not wear their name badges or fail to presemt the student cardent cards to the bus escort upon boarding the school bus.
  • School bus routes will be finalized after most of the registrations are received, and then the parents and the students will be informed of the finalized routings by email, approximately one week before the school will start. in all cases, the school buses will arrive at school no later than 8:05 a.m. and will depart from school at about 3:15 p.m. Parents who enrol their children for ECAs are to arrange pick up for their children on the days of the selected ECAs. School buses will leave at 12;00 nn, 12;15 pm the latest, on 4 0ct 2017, 15 Dec 2017 and 22 June 2018.

    School bus company reserves. the right to revise the school bus routes, from time to time to suit the actual registration and traffic conditions. Moreover, in case of insufficient applicants, the relevant bus routes may be cancelled, and parents will be informed accordingly.
  • Payment shall be made by cheque payable to “James Jumbo Shuttle Services Limited”, in three terms, as follows:
  • Term Bus fee for Submission Deadline Cheque Date
    1STTerm August 2017 to December 2017 16th Jun 2017 24rd Aug 2017
    2STTerm January 2018 to March 2018 10th Dec 2017
    (For New Application)
    2nd Jan 2018
    3STTerm April 2018 to June 2018 16th Mar 2018
    (For New Application)
    16th April 2018
  • Payment can be made for the school bus service of either single trip or return trip Please refer to the section “School Bus Fees” for the fee of return trip, and note that single trip is allowed upon request with 80% of the return trip’s school bus fee.
  • Students who do not attend the whole month of school bus service shall also pay for the bus fee the whole month. The payment for bus fee shall be made by cheque payable to “JAMES JUNBO SHUTTLE SERVICES LIMLTD”, R2019, 20/F, INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTRE, 11-19 SHA TSUI ROAD, TSUEN WAN, H.K (MARK “REF.KIS’ ON THE ENVELOPE).
  • If you need to cancel the school bus services, a written notification of cancellation of the service must be received one month before the date of cancellation.
    No refund of a partial month will be made.
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